July 25, 2013

The social, experiential and interpersonal nature of the physical marketplace, the growth of multiple selling streams and global trends are under the microscope this month as two of The Buchan Group’s most experienced retail designers present their insights into retail design for the future.

Grant Withers addressed an audience of around 200 guests at the 2013 Shopping Centre Investment and Development Outlook presentation by The Buchan Group, ANZ and CBRE in Melbourne on July 24. His presentation, “Place and the Evolving Nature of Retail in the Digital Age”, outlined the new challenges to traditional retail design and development and showed how some of the world’s most successful centres and retailers are putting excitement into the shopping experience, whether for food or fashion.



Phil Schoutrop will address the Property Council’s NSW Division Half-Day Retail Forum on July 31.  Phil’s talk, “What’s Hot and Happening”, wraps up trends observed in recent study trips in the USA, Europe and Asia, where shopping centre owners and retailers alike are focusing on specific customer groups and designing retail experiences to meet their needs.