Brisbane Showgrounds King’s Co-op

The regeneration of Brisbane’s Showgrounds will see pavilions and food outlets transform into the social, creative and community retail concept, Kings Co-op in the coming months. 

Located at the northern end of King Street in Bowen Hills, Kings Co-op forms a significant part of the history of the Brisbane Exhibition, known locally as the “Ekka”, and includes the Royal Snack Bar, Sugar Pavilion and the Dairy Hall Pavilion. Featuring sections constructed progressively during the past century, the Kings Co-op redevelopment will showcase prime retail, food and beverage offerings, and provide seasonal function spaces and a multi-deck carpark. 

In a design that links the cultural heritage and urban future aspirations of the Brisbane Showgrounds Master Plan, the transformed space will incorporate rescued materials from key warehouse and pavilion structures within the showgrounds precinct. Led by Senior Associate Paul Watson The Buchan Group is working with RNA’s Joint Venture Partner Lendlease on stage three of the 15 year $2.9 billion Showgrounds regeneration project.