CapitaMall Westgate delivers new retail and lifestyle heart

CapitaMall Westgate recently opened in Wuhan, China presenting a neighbourhood style mixed use development to address the retail and social aspirations of residents in this ever expanding city.

The development, by CaptiaMalls Asia, combines retail, entertainment and leisure spaces, offices and SOHO (small office/home office) apartments into a middle to high end commercial and retail complex.

The 400,000m2 project sits on a 70,400m2 site area located at a major road intersection adjacent to an above ground light rail network and major underground metro station.

Associate Kevin Adasko said the project sets a new benchmark for developments in the region.

“CapitaMall Westgate presents a progressive and exciting lifestyle destination for local residents, with everything they need in a single, accessible location.

“Retail needs were previously under-serviced for the region’s growing middle-income population, and the development has not only created a significant shopping hub, but a social heart for people to connect.”

The Buchan Group provided master planning, architectural, interior, landscaping and signage design services for the project which links people to the spaces and promotes a sense of community through the art of place making.

A large sunken plaza at the major western entry point connects the towers and the adjacent residential precinct to the retail mall, whilst extensive green spaces at the entry and on roof terraces extend the public domain throughout the development.

An ice rink within the entertainment complex acts as the central focal point of the project, overlooked by tiered dining precincts on the floors above. A magnificent full height glass window frames the precinct, presenting views over the mall entrance and building a strong connection to the wider community.