Celebrating 45 years of Osaka and Melbourne as Sister Cities

Buchan together with Australia Japan Business Council of Victoria (AJBCV) welcomed Mayor of Osaka, Hideyuki Yokoyama and City Council President Ippo Katayama to our Melbourne Studio this week to celebrate 45 years of Osaka and Melbourne as Sister Cities.

Thank you to the City of Melbourne and Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece, Melbourne City Councillors, key Council representatives from Osaka, representatives from Trade & Investment, Department of Premier & Cabinet, our clients, and peers, for joining us to celebrate this significant milestone.

Buchan has been an integral part of architecture and design in Melbourne for more than 130 years and in 2025 we are proud to add the recently unveiled Australian Pavilion for Expo 2025 in Osaka, to our immense and diverse body of work.

The Australian Pavilion project showcases the strong connection between Japan and Australia, Osaka and Melbourne, and Buchan’s long-standing relationship with Japanese architectural and urban design firm, Nikke Sekkei.

The celebration of Osaka and Melbourne as Sister Cities is embodied in the connection between Buchan and Nikken Sekkei. A connection, that we are incredibly proud of that extends across our two practices, our projects and importantly, our people.

Photography: Albertus M Yudhistira